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Music! Sounds for the soul!

This is the best love story I have ever seen.

Bear (get it? bear!) with it, the music starts like seventy seconds in.
But the cult vibe is so cool.

Art? Yes art!


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Awesome Art!

New banner by johnnyrocwellsynthetic 002 by roboGeorgeB U D O by abeck
Fox critter design(blue) + base by NimphradoraSun Flower by WaveloopPUTERI 2016 by iVANTAORiel ANTH Te by iumazarkNo More by mataazmiWhiteDeer by Cusharta.juba by kian02
The Blessing of Layers by ShadowEngineCommission - Kokiko by MeoMaiI said boo by x-------x
3 awesome music videos on my profile page!:eager:
3 new art videos and a new poll too. Go look!

Valentine's Day

I know I missed like fifteen people but I did what I could.
In the morning I did A through L and then after work
I did the rest of the alphabet as best I could.
So if I missed you, it's your fault. :bucktooth:

Best way to invest in the stock market

Oh Florida........

"An Ocala man made at least 10 explosive devices in hopes of blowing up
Targets along the East Coast in an elaborate and deadly scheme to buy
cheap stocks of the company..."…

The moral of the story, kids, is if you want to blow something up
do it yourself. Don't outsource.

The last potato

I had a dream. It was good.

Earth had lost all it's potatoes. No more potatoes can be grown.
Climate change, pesticides, stupid people, and greed all forced
potatoes into extinction.

The world was in chaos. People lived in despair. Society was going
to implode!

At the last minute, before the last pillar crumbled and a new dark
age began NASA made the discovery that changed human history.

There was an asteroid sized potato in orbit between Mars and Jupiter!

The potatroid was large enough to provide every person on Earth one
full bag of potato chips. Humanity was saved!

There were a few hurdles to overcome, mainly the lack of astronauts.
In the feverish carnage leading up to the discovery many scientists
were murdered by hordes of trailer trash for not being smart enough
to fix the potato chip dilemma.

A global lottery was held to determine who would go to space for the

Everyone was entered regardless of their willingness to participate.

Obviously I won and was anointed pilot because I was picked first.
My copilot was a black European woman.
I knew we were doomed.

First off, everyone knows in sci fi the non-white characters are more
Second, and even more ominous, she wore a red shirt to orientation.
Erryone knows red shirts die first. Erryone.

Because funds were short and all the smart people were dead training
was a week long before we were launched into space.

The fun began when we arrived at our destination.

We lacked advanced tools. So Jackie, my copilot in the loosest sense
of the word, had to manually collect potato with a large potato peeler.
I was tasked with collecting the shavings in a cart/trolley and loading the
cargo bay of our ship.

There was no gameplan so we were left to figure things out ourselves.
Unfortunately Jackie focused on one spot too long, inadvertently creating
a slope that she promptly fell down!

For reasons that made no sense in a zero gravity environment, Jackie rushed
uncontrollably down the slope towards the edge of the potatoroid.

Instead of floating off into the void fell like a rock down and away from the
potatoroid and disappeared. In fear, full of panic, she screamed "remember me!"

I was like "What? Who said that?!" Looking around bewildered.

In some mysterious revelation, accidental or divinely orchestrated, I
realized the potatroid had it's own atmosphere and that I could stay
there forever, so I did.

In the distance I could see Earth burn like a bonfire.

I wonder what happened to Jackie.

the end.


Lost? Ask a trucker for directions!

OMG! A military chopper landed on a highway to ask for directions! :rofl:

Water study by Yuuza

Cursed Child by Roxiichuu  Refined Stare by KingSmiggles

Painfulness by MattBarley

Nightfall by Kipine  Valentines shit by MaggitRat

Mistress Lili in The Night Porter( Tribute) by SubversiveGirlArt  Hero of revolution by Waldemar-Kazak

BattleBoar Balto markers clean scan by joverine

He man + David by rieraescultura-art

Creatuanary 01 Birds Of Prey Studies by rafater  Eagles Flying by sleepielion 


My name is Baron™®
"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future."
--Nils Bohr, Nobel laureate in Physics

“Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprize."
--James Madison to William Bradford, April 1, 1774

"All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach."
--Adolf Hitler

“You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

"Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact."

-- William James

"There is nothing so absurd that it cannot be believed as truth if repeated often enough."

-- William James

Billionaire Nick Hanauer is refreshingly honest about this: ‘If it was true that lower taxes for the rich and more wealth for the wealthy led to job creation, today we would be drowning in jobs'.

Internecine specialist:P

Biology and Evolution by i-stamp FieldOfStars Stamp by Seiorai I love snow. by i-stamp


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